Saturday, January 11, 2014

How Phantoms Came To Be

Hi my viewers! There are quite a few different versions of how phantoms came to be, but this is my own. It has to do with the game Falling Phantoms. Here it is:

How Phantoms Came To Be
By 4101leapprardsp1oqtwa

A long time ago, there was a volcano. It was far away from where any Jamaa citizens lived, so no one really knew about it. It was in a large, untamed forest with a river running through it. The land would later be known as the Lost Temple of Zios. One day, a Jammer, was walking along back to his cottage in a meadow. He heard a rumbling in the distance.

Curious, the Jammer-wolf took off. Running towards the unknown sound, he vaguely remembered his great, great, grandmother telling him about a far-off land with a mountain that spewed fire. Hmm, he wondered. Could the sound be coming from there? As he ran on, he finally came to a dense forest with leaves and plants scattered and growing every which way. What is this place? he wondered. 

Soon, he was joined by another noise. It came from around the bend behind a large boulder. "Whaaa...yiii...phoooshhh...," the wolf heard. He clambered up onto the rock with some effort, and peeking over the side. He gasped. Phantoms! His mother had warned him about these dark creatures, only known to myth. But they were real. 

They were pitch-black and had six short arms/tentacles each. The flopped around uselessly. A large white eye with a black pupil was smack in the middle of each of their faces. They floated around a fire, chanting a strange hymn. Please don't notice me! the young wolf begged inwardly. 

Suddenly the chanting came to a halt, and the volcano rumbled louder. In fact, the wolf had just noticed that the volcano was only about a mile away. It thundered and growled and with a mighty roar that sounded like it might tear the earth apart, 1,000 phantoms spewed out of the volcano. They were on fire, and shot towards the chanting circle of phantoms  so fast it made the wolf's head spin. 

The phantoms from the volcano landed in the fire. They stayed in there for a few minutes, then slowly drifted out and began the chanting again. After that, everything went quiet. The volcano didn't make a peep. The phantoms chanted for a bit, then stopped. The birds didn't chirp. The wolf left the spot of the phantoms and hurried back home, terror ringing his senses. When he got home, he told his friends and family what he had seen.  

His story was inscribed into a thick piece of brown slate, and put away in the Chamber of Knowledge. The slate was lost many years ago, but the story still lives on in the hearts of the Jamaaisans that really knew what was out there. 



Hello my lovely viewers!! I've been gone for quite a long time and I've decided to come back! Just letting you know. Bye!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

What do I post about I'm running out of mysteries I don't know what to do. Should I post new items or just adventurous items? You decide!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


   Did you know, you can send notes to AJ HQ talking about bad jammers? I did about alfie00803 and UFOFF. I sent them an email:

Funplay1 has noticed a really bad jammer that should be suspended or
expelled. There is actually two. Please don't think this is a lie. It's
truthful. UFOFF was very bad. He was with alfie00803. They where "mating"
and using bad language. Funplay1's friend's blog, The Animal Jam Explorer
Club has proof of these gruesome doings. Please check out this post:
Please read for Animal Jam's own safety to get rid of these people. Thank

And they replied!

Dear Jammer,
Thank you for contacting Animal Jam Support Headquarters! We are very sorry for the inappropriate behavior you witnessed in Jamaa. We appreciate your diligence in following the Animal Jam rules and bringing this player's actions to our attention. We take the safety and security of all of our Jammers very seriously, and should we find any Jammers breaking the Animal Jam rules, we will be taking swift and appropriate action on their account.
In the meantime, if someone is being mean to you or if you see a Jammer breaking the Animal Jam rules, please feel free to let us know by reporting them. To do this, simply click on their player card, and click the button that looks like a police badge. After that, just follow the instructions that pop up to submit the report.
If you have reported this player and they continue to be mean or continue to break the Animal Jam rules, did you know there's a tool you can use so you NEVER hear what they say again? To use this tool, simply click on their player card, then click the button that looks like an animal with a red circle and bar going across it. It's that simple! Your will no longer see their chat, and can enjoy the rest of your time in Jamaa.
Again, we truly appreciate you writing to us and bringing this incident to our attention. Should you have any further questions or concerns regarding this incident, please respond to this ticket and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
All the best,
Animal Jam HQ

ISN'T THIS COOL? I think they might have expelled or done something to those horrible people! I can't wait! Well, sorry this is short but I'm happy about this :) Create your own banner at!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Land names!

Hi there! So sorry for not posting!! I didn't pose in a while because I'm so busy with school and stuff. I do basketball 3 times a week, one on Tuesday, one on Friday, and one on Saturday. I once did go on my blogger dashboard, and showed my friend our blog. Anyway, I'm horribly sick today, so I can actually post! It doesn't sound good, does it XP.
Yes, funplay1 is an old cat that can't get to the couch.
Anyway..  lets put up ANOTHER mystery! I took this from 4101leapprardsp1oqtwa.
Now. that one above Mt. Shivver (yellow) can be mountains, as in a mountain land. It could be called Jamaasian Mountains. The one near Appondale (black) looks covered in  rocks, so rocks all are surrounding it. The rock entryway in Appondale could lead to this land! Does that make it absolutely possible this will be a land? It has a river all in the middle; and ponds are all over the place! It could be Brooklined Meadow. The space below Appondale looks very tree-like, which maybe means it has forests. See? Look at Sarepia Forest, it's all covered in trees too! Maybe the paths where from the ?Alphas digging out the trees and making pathways while still preserving the land! They use the lumber for the shops and dens maybe. So that land looks pretty protected by rocks to get in from Appondale, so maybe the dark red land will be first. The land could be Treiania Woodlands. The dark red one under Jamaa Township, that is cut off from all other lands by a river. Maybe the alphas will make a bridge over the river! That would be cool in my imagination >:D. This land looks like it has the most trees. It could be the Tigra Rain Forest.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Secret of The Lost Temple of Zios

  Hey jammers! It's funplay1 here, because I'm a new author of this blog! :D yay!

This mystery begins in the Lost Temple of Zios. There is a ancient tail, where Zios ruled the lush and beautiful land of Jamaa, but then supposedly he died. He created the stars, and the grey heron Mira. She was very close to him, and when she cried her tears of anger and agony fell to the ground, thus giving birth to phantoms who have taken that anger and agony and made it that they would rain terror on the great land of Jamaa. Maybe The Lost Temple of Zios was the first land Mira and Zios made, but it was taken down when he died and due to the phantom attacks. But, as you see it is a Zios statue, and it is fallen down, to represent Zios's death. And when everyone sleeps, phantoms sprout up for the fact of why. I find this as a secret, not a mystery.
Location: The Lost Temple of Zios
Further Location: In the middle
Secret (not too much of a theory xD): It's to represent some beta times and legends of Jamaa. Create your own banner at!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

How I Got My Username

MangoShapedSpace prompted this post. She wondered how I got my username. It's quite an interesting story, here we go!

Well, I had seen an ad on a website for Animal Jam. It looked pretty fun so I went to I asked a few friends at school if they played AJ. One said she did, but she had quit a month ago. She said it was fun, but very time-consuming. She told me things of "rares", "buddies", "lands", and games. I determined that I would check it out after school. This is where the account part comes in. I was creating my account. Originally, my username was going to be 4101leapardspots. Then, suddenly remembering my friend's glorious description of rares, I felt a strange little tug in my brain to change my username to: 4101leapprardsp1oqtwa. It felt like my mind was telling me, "Change your username to this, and you'll become rare." Being the sucker that I am for the stuff my brain tells me to do, I changed it and quickly entered a password. Then I entered the world of Animal Jam. 

So there's the story of why my username is what it is!
P.S. I"m taking a two week break from blogging.